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Quality Images for a Better Website

Let’s talk about first impressions. Just as your appearance and the way you carry yourself affects others’ first impression of you, the appearance of your website affects first impressions of your business.

A large percentage of human learning is visual. Every image used on your website can tell visitors something about your company. Using high-quality images will tell potential customers that you care about delivering the best product or service.

-You should use clear, hi-resolution images.

-The images should be your own, or images purchased from your photographer.

-Make sure you’re using the proper file format. Web images should be jpg or png format.

Choosing Your Images

Make sure your images are high-quality and clear. Images that are out of focus, blurred, grainy, too dark/too bright can be immediately off-putting. Remember, when someone clicks on the image, it will likely expand to a larger image, so make sure it looks great!

Even if your business is service-based and not product-based, it’s still best to include great photos on your site to stand out from the rest! Choose photos with colors that compliment your branding. That could mean clothing choices, location, or backdrop. Planning ahead will work to your advantage!


For any business, a great headshot is essential. These come in handy for that “About” page on your website, business cards, and social media profiles. Remember, they aren’t really hiring your company; they’re hiring YOU. Giving a face to the business helps potential clients to feel a connection, and a professional headshot shows you care about quality and professionalism.

Be Authentic

Using images that were created specifically for your business helps give your website an authentic feel. The images could be headshots, product photos, behind the scenes, etc. Whatever the images may be, make sure they are high-quality, clear, well-lit, and in line with your branding. If you wish to use images that someone else has captured, make sure you have the proper permission to do so. Photos are the intellectual property of photographers (yes, even if you find them online!). When in doubt, just ask!


Your website will have a better “flow” if the images you use have a similar look. For example, if you have an employee bio page, make sure the images you use have a similar, style, quality, and backdrop.

Hiring a pro

You may want to consider hiring a photographer if:

-You don’t have current, high-quality images of your products or employees.

-Your headshots are out of date (two or more years old).

-The photos you currently have are not consistent with your brand.

-The photos you currently have are not the best quality.

Make sure you discuss with potential photographers exactly what you need and how the images will be used. Many photographers have different releases for personal use vs. business use. Discussing specifics will help you avoid any surprises about usage rights. 

You’re not only in business to sell your products or services, but to also sell yourself as an authentic, trustworthy brand that pays attention to detail. Consumers trust professionalism. Help gain that trust with stunning images!


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